Except that I broke my camera. It looks like I cracked the LCD at some point on Saturday. Internet research has revealed that if I buy the replacement parts from the manufacturer it'll cost MORE than the camera did. Third-party parts are a possibility; the search continues. Super lame.

Moneyer's Guild stuff:
  • Ian Cnulle is a laurel now! WOHOO! I felt so guilty when I got my jambe.
  • We made Arion a journeyman of the guild. He immediately signed up to do Vik & Inga's die. Yay.
  • I agreed to take over the job of Guild Treasurer. The possibility of having our funds managed by a branch exchequer is appealing.
  • I was made a fellow of the guild! I have a counting cloth in my colours now (thank you Karen!)

Other stuff:

The site was great. The ground was a bit soft and bumpy, but in basically every other respect it was perfect. The cars were hidden away, the view of mount si was stunning, and camping space was ample. Also, my allergies objected to the site much less than they did back in June.

The weather was weather. It was dry and sunny for pack-up, which was nice. I'm fairly easy to please though, so long as I don't have to set up or tear down in driving rain or snow, I'm happy.

Ian's elevation was good. Arion and I had the honour of accompanying him and throwing coins to/at the audience. I really liked how they glittered in the torchlight as they flew through the air, and people seemed to enjoy the largesse. Unfortunately both Arion and I were out of coins by the time we reached the front; HRH ran up and asked us if we had any left. Oh well, we'll be making him his own coins in a few months anway. :-D

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Congratulations, Fellow!

Damn, that really sucks about the camera.

The site *was* incredibly beautiful, and I hope they do something there again. I was really disappointed that it turned out to be too cold for me. I stayed for about two hours (part of an Ithra class) before realizing that I would never make it that night. I just don't have the clothes for really cold weather yet. :(

Plus, my hip was giving me hell this weekend, which wasn't helping.

From: [identity profile] glasseye.livejournal.com

Re: Congratulations, Fellow!

I'm sorry we missed each other! And yeah, it was down in the 40s at night. Brr! I need some warmer clothing myself. Wool hose would be a good addition, I think. :-)

From: [identity profile] day-the-elf.livejournal.com

Glad you had a good time (sans the camera)! Sorry I didn't get the chance to hang out with you much. =( It's a good thing we left early, though, because I had a fever by the time I got home.

From: [identity profile] glasseye.livejournal.com

Eep! I hope you're feeling better by now.

There will be more events, and hopefully we'll all be better dressed for them. :D

From: [identity profile] ya-inga.livejournal.com

Boo about the camera hon.

YAY about being made a fellow of the Guild.

We? can't wait to chat with Arion : )

The coins tossed into the air looked SOOOO cool in the torchlight. BTW Wee Cassie brought Vik and I each a coin from the ones she found do no worries ; )

From: [identity profile] glasseye.livejournal.com

I was definitely surprised! :-)

Yeah, the royal presentation coins are almost always a group effort. Here's how I think it'll go down:

Arion will design and cut the die after getting Your input. Ian and I will cast, roll, and punch coin blanks. Arion and I will strike the coins. All of us that can make it to 12th night will present them.

I'm glad you each got a coin. We should've thought ahead and saved some!

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You're an exchequer now? I don't think I've ever heard of a person able to do both an exchequer and seneschal job. Usually the needed skills are not present in the same person.


From: [identity profile] glasseye.livejournal.com

I think it'll be a good fit. I'm definitely better at managing money than planning things.

From: [identity profile] lubeck.livejournal.com

I have trouble planning a group trip to the bathroom, but somehow I keep getting picked for Autocrat and I'm on the short list for a few chamberlain positions.
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Any other people I know get awards? I'm so sad I missed court.

From: [identity profile] glasseye.livejournal.com

Constantia got her AoA. That was the only person I recognized. I did miss the rest of court after Ian's elevation though (probably a third of it or so).