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([personal profile] glasseye Sep. 3rd, 2008 12:53 pm)
My camera is definitely toast, and it looks like repairing it is going to cost much more than is worth while.

Symptoms: broken LCD, will not turn on.
Various repair costs:

New LCD: $110
New motherboard: $100
Labor costs just to look at the camera: $161

I'd estimate that sending it in for repair would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $400. Buying the parts myself would cost at least $110 for the new LCD, but since the camera wont turn on I have no confidence that it'd fully fix the problem.

I can buy a better model of the same type for $158. Basically the same camera, except it's a 7.2 MP version instead of 6 MP.

I guess I'm getting a new camera... I think I'll upgrade to a hard case, too.
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