With the evil snow gone, Arion was able to make it over to my place today, where we struck the royal presentation pieces for [livejournal.com profile] ya_inga and [livejournal.com profile] vikvikingsson. Arion did a great job with the dies, but the engraving was a bit deep and we had to use thicker flans than usual (1.0 mm vs 0.7mm), and a heavier hammer (6 lbs vs 4 lbs.) Even with a 50% larger hammer I had to put quite a bit more force into the strikes than I'm used to; sore arms are expected tomorrow morning.

It took a bit to get into the swing of things (har har har,) but once we had our rhythm down we were getting about a 90% success rate. I still can't image how people did this from dawn until dusk six days a week!

Pics will be posted after 12th night!
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