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( Aug. 12th, 2008 01:06 pm)
GOOD: Seeing Amanda, meeting Tamzyn, and getting some work done on my Thesis.
BAD: Missing the moped rally. Broken mopeds. Drinking too much.

BAD: Rock band is addictive.

GOOD: Various wedding things are coming along.
BAD: I haven't even started on our rings.

BAD: I'm not graduating this quarter. My advisor is not willing to support my defense yet.
GOOD: More time for the thesis = better thesis. Also less stress.
GOOD: Possibly better job situation? The fall job fair is really big.
BAD: Yet another delay in my graduation plans...

GOOD: I may get a TA offer for next quarter. The professor I'm TAing for this term has expressed the desire to have me help out with the embedded design capstone.
BAD: I may not get a TA offer for next quarter. No offer = "interesting" financial situation.

GOOD: I'm working on a rain/snow sensor which might develop into some additional funding.
BAD: Said sensor is on an extremely tight time frame. I have to do lots of annoying mechanical fabrication.

GOOD: I was virtuous and alerted someone who walked away from an ATM while still "logged in" yesterday.
BAD: I'm not sure I successfully communicated the problem.

GOOD: I have some nice new bike gear (helmet, gloves, tire pump.)
BAD: These were expensive, and I still don't have good riding glasses/goggles.

GOOD: Obama was right: riding to school today was much easier with properly inflated tires (60 psi vs 25 psi.)
BAD: Riding up the hill on the way home will still be really hard. Forgot my lock today, and had to park my bike in the lab.


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