Amy said it best:

"With a hefty ticket fee of $25 or so dollars, this is probably the worst way we could have spend our money. The duck left the Space Needle area and drove around the congested city streets downtown at a tediously slow pace while the drive gave us inaccurate facts about Seattle and did seriously stupid things like played “Who Let the Dogs Out” while driving by an innocent woman walking her dog.

Its my understanding that some people from Seattle loathe the Ducks and I can clearly see why. The drivers tell ridiculous jokes about Starbucks on an endless basis and do nothing short of attempting to embarrass the people that live in this city."

I also hate how much diesel smoke they spew.

They're loud. They're dirty. They're extremely annoying.

If you come to Seattle, please, for the love of all that is sacred, do not ride the ducks.


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