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- Been an officer? Yep. Seneschal.
- Do you have an SCA name? Yes, Derian le Breton.
- Do you have an SCA persona? Yep, Breton living in Paris in the 1320-1340s.
- Changed persona because of different garb? No.
- Been adopted by a person, household or clan? Adopted? I'm not sure what you mean. I'm in a couple of households though.
- Had a name and/or device accepted by the SCA College of Arms? Yes.
- Had a name and/or device rejected by the SCA College of Arms? No.
- Been taken or taken an apprentice, protégé or squire? No.
- Have rank higher than an Award of Arms? Yes.

- Been an Event Steward/Autocrat? Yeah, I've autocratted three or four events now.
- Cooked an Event? I co-ran a feast once...
- Taught a class at an event? Not yet.
- Run an activity at an event? Yes.

- Ever fought at an event? Yes.
- Ever fought at Pennsic or another War? Yes.
- Done a different martial art at an event? Archery!
- Ever run a martial activity at an event? No.
- Fought at an event tourney? Yes.
- Ever fought in a Crown Tourney? No.
- Won a tourney or contest at an event? No.
- Made your own armor? Yes.
- Made your own weapons? Yes.
- Been a squire? No.
- Have rank as an archer? No.
- Have rank as a fencer? No.
- Created a siege weapon? Yes.

- Have you ever entered an A&S contest? Yes.
- Have you ever won an A&S contest? Yes.
- Ever run an A&S contest? Yes, technically.
- Ever judge/critique items in an A&S contest? No.
- Ever Word-smithed a scroll? No.
- Illuminated a scroll? No.
- Done the Calligraphy for a scroll? No.
- Made your own paper? Not for the SCA...
- Made a book? No.
- Make someone's order medallion? Not yet.
- Write someone in for an award? Yes.

- Have you ever sewn your own garb? Yes.
- Sewn Garb for others? No.
- Ever been sewing on the way to an event? No, I'm pretty much always the driver.
- Ever finished an outfit before an event? Yes.
- Researched and completed an outfit from said research? No.
- Ever taught a class on sewing? No.
- Finished a hat? No.

- Do you know how to spin? I understand the theory...
- Ever woven your own fabric? No.
- Do you know how to knit? No.
- Do you know how to crochet? No.
- Have you ever dyed your own yarn or fabric? No.
- Embroidered a garment? Yes.
- Beaded a garment? No.
- Ever entertained at a feast? Yes.
- Ever ran a bardic circle? No.
- Ever performed in a bardic circle? Yes.
- Had songs requested from you at such? No.
- Ever competed in a formal bardic? No.
- Know any period songs? Yes.

- Ran a court as Royalty? No.
- Ran a court as Herald? No.
- Heralded at Court? No.
- Been an Attendant, Guard or Champion at court? Yes.
- Been called to court to receive an award? Yes.
- Been called to court to present something? Yes.
- Been called to court for punishment? No.
- Been part of a court "shtick"? Yes.
- Done something while watching court, e.g., spin, sew, embroider? Sure.
- Had a royal comment on what you're doing? No.
- Have awards from more than one Kingdom? Yes.

- Have you ever gone to Pennsic? Yes.
- Ever done Zero Night? Eh?
- How many Pennsics have you gone too? Three. Pennsics 30, 31, and 34.
- Ever Taught a class at Pennsic? No.
- Taken a class at Pennsic? No.
- Gone to Opening ceremonies? Yes.
- Been a waterbearer? No.
- Placed in a Pennsic tournament? No.
- Worked a shift at Chirurgeons Point at Pennsic? No.
- Worked a shift as security at Pennsic? No.
- Volunteered in any other capacity? Yes.
- Ever merchanted at Pennsic? No.
- Gone to the swimming hole, Classic or Family? No.
- 'Trolled the Bog for parties?' Yes, and this resulted in EPIC stories.
- Hosted a party at Pennsic? No.
- Been part of a 'Pennsic building project'? Yes, I helped build the fort!

- Ever traveled more than 8 hours each way for a one day event? Yes.
- Gone to a different Kingdom for an event? Yes.
- Lived in a different Kingdom? Yes.
- Have trailer hitch and trailer? No.
- What ridiculous lengths you've gone to get to an event? I flew to Pennsic once with my camping gear, garb, and armor in suitcases.

- Run out of closet space because of garb/gear? Oh yeah.
- Ever crammed more than 4 people into a hotel room? Yes.
- Met your future spouse at an SCA event? No.
- Met most past significant others in an SCA setting? No.
- Have better research books than your library? Yes and no. The UW library is beyond epic, but I have more specialized coin books than most regular or University libraries.
- Is your tent bigger than your first apartment? No.
- How many sewing machines do you have? One.
- Own an anvil? I own six. :-D


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