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2009-05-08 09:07 pm
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2009-01-28 11:51 am

Oh yeah...

I got a job! I'll be doing embedded software stuff (mostly very low level drivers, Windows CE and embedded Linux) starting on Monday. I'll spend 3-6 months as an intern until I get up to speed with the company's stuff, then they'll hire me on as an FT employee. Apparently they do this with all of their engineers.
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2009-01-28 11:48 am
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2009-01-06 11:44 pm

Buried Treasure!

So, I backed up my LJ today. I don't sincerely believe that LJ is going to disappear in the immediate future, but it had been quite a while since my last backup, so what the heck. Anyway, I was browsing through my old journal entries (HI-larious, let me tell you,) when I rediscovered this. So good! I don't know what it is about this guy's art that thrills me, but I really dig it.

Also: holy crap it's super windy here.

Also also: had an interview with a headhunter today... went fine, but the particular position they have right now doesn't look like that great of a fit. On the other hand... work > no work.
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2008-12-29 10:46 pm

Coins coins coins

With the evil snow gone, Arion was able to make it over to my place today, where we struck the royal presentation pieces for [ profile] ya_inga and [ profile] vikvikingsson. Arion did a great job with the dies, but the engraving was a bit deep and we had to use thicker flans than usual (1.0 mm vs 0.7mm), and a heavier hammer (6 lbs vs 4 lbs.) Even with a 50% larger hammer I had to put quite a bit more force into the strikes than I'm used to; sore arms are expected tomorrow morning.

It took a bit to get into the swing of things (har har har,) but once we had our rhythm down we were getting about a 90% success rate. I still can't image how people did this from dawn until dusk six days a week!

Pics will be posted after 12th night!
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2008-12-23 05:06 pm


Winter and I generally don't get along. My years in Cleveland taught me a thorough disgust for snowy weather. Now, I still greatly enjoy skiing, but that's a mountain sport. Snow doesn't belong where I live.

However, one thing I do really enjoy about this weather is helping people get their cars un-stuck. There's something about pushing someone out of a ditch or up a hill that's immensly satisfying.
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2008-12-10 09:25 am
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2008-11-04 08:40 pm

McCain Conceded!

The long nightmare is ending! Go Obama!
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2008-10-28 09:04 am


I passed my citizenship test and interview, and will be sworn in as a US citizen on Nov 13th.
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2008-10-22 12:59 pm

Political signs meme

On my way to campus yesterday (a 4.5 mile walk,) I saw the following:

Barak Obama: 53
John McCain: 1
Ron Paul: 1
Cynthia McKinney (Green party): 1

Washington Governor's race:
Christine Gregiore (Democrat, incumbant): 6
Dino Rossi (Republican): 2

State representative:
John Burbank (Democrat): 4
? (Republican): 0

Superior Court Judge:
Suzanne Parisien (non-partisan race, though Democrats seem to like her): 2

Comissioner of Public Lands:
Peter Goldmark (Democrat): 2
Doug Sutherland (Republican, incumbant): 0
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2008-10-06 03:24 pm

Overheard in the lab I'm teaching

"He obviously wants to make weapons for a living, I find that detestable."

Oh Seattle, how I love you.
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2008-09-22 04:45 pm

Did I really look that young just 8 years ago?

Originally uploaded by Loadhan.
Apparently so. This is from the Fall Activities Fair demo at CWRU in 2000, about 8 months after my first SCA event. I'm wearing garb that was given to me after a particularly epic battle with a rice pot during post-feast cleaning at (I think) my second event. Apparently I still thought it was cool to hang all of your site tokens from your belt then.
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2008-09-16 04:28 pm

Truck update.

Junkyard window pulled and purchased.
Installation appointment made.
Wallet thinner, but not nearly as thin as it would be if I'd bought a new window.
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2008-09-16 11:15 am


Someone smashed the driver's side quarter panel window on my truck last night. Looks like I can pay ~$600 to have a new window put in, or ~$60 to buy a used window an hour away, plus $85 to install it.

In other news, there are wedding photos here and here.
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2008-09-13 12:50 pm

The bachelor party report

Simply epic. Photos to follow.
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2008-09-12 08:26 pm


Originally uploaded by Derian le Breton.
Both rings are done. A day and a half before the wedding, even! :-)
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2008-09-12 01:06 am


Originally uploaded by Derian le Breton.
One ring down, one to go.
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2008-09-03 12:53 pm

Camera woes

My camera is definitely toast, and it looks like repairing it is going to cost much more than is worth while.

Symptoms: broken LCD, will not turn on.
Various repair costs:

New LCD: $110
New motherboard: $100
Labor costs just to look at the camera: $161

I'd estimate that sending it in for repair would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $400. Buying the parts myself would cost at least $110 for the new LCD, but since the camera wont turn on I have no confidence that it'd fully fix the problem.

I can buy a better model of the same type for $158. Basically the same camera, except it's a 7.2 MP version instead of 6 MP.

I guess I'm getting a new camera... I think I'll upgrade to a hard case, too.
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2008-09-02 11:54 am

And here is where I would post pictures from this weekend...

Except that I broke my camera. It looks like I cracked the LCD at some point on Saturday. Internet research has revealed that if I buy the replacement parts from the manufacturer it'll cost MORE than the camera did. Third-party parts are a possibility; the search continues. Super lame.

Moneyer's Guild stuff:
  • Ian Cnulle is a laurel now! WOHOO! I felt so guilty when I got my jambe.
  • We made Arion a journeyman of the guild. He immediately signed up to do Vik & Inga's die. Yay.
  • I agreed to take over the job of Guild Treasurer. The possibility of having our funds managed by a branch exchequer is appealing.
  • I was made a fellow of the guild! I have a counting cloth in my colours now (thank you Karen!)

Other stuff:

The site was great. The ground was a bit soft and bumpy, but in basically every other respect it was perfect. The cars were hidden away, the view of mount si was stunning, and camping space was ample. Also, my allergies objected to the site much less than they did back in June.

The weather was weather. It was dry and sunny for pack-up, which was nice. I'm fairly easy to please though, so long as I don't have to set up or tear down in driving rain or snow, I'm happy.

Ian's elevation was good. Arion and I had the honour of accompanying him and throwing coins to/at the audience. I really liked how they glittered in the torchlight as they flew through the air, and people seemed to enjoy the largesse. Unfortunately both Arion and I were out of coins by the time we reached the front; HRH ran up and asked us if we had any left. Oh well, we'll be making him his own coins in a few months anway. :-D