1. In what SCA kingdom, other than An Tir, would you be interested in living? Consider SCA culture only, not "I hate Nevada" or the like.

Well, I spent 3 years playing in the Midrealm too, so I have lots of friends there. I'd happily play in the West; there are lots of cool people down there, and the culture is similar to An Tir's. I feel that I could fit in to most SCA kingdoms, though various things would bug me (lack of real camping in Meridies, for example.)

2. You seem pretty fond of An Tir. What do you think is the kingdom's worst feature?

There are a few things about An Tir that drive me a bit batty:

1 - Strong disconnect between people who play "at the kingdom level" and people who play "at the local level." There are some who bridge the gap, but it seems rare.
2 - Large numbers of pure partiers at basically every camping event. Out east, most of the people who just want to go crazy only go to Pennsic. Out here there is no Pennsic or equivalent, so all of the medium to big events attract loud and crazy people. I'm not intrinsically against them participating at all, but camping near such groups makes me grumpy in the morning.
3 - People call the list field "the eric," after a really old joke from the dim dark days of the west. Apparently years ago the list ropes at some event were red, so everyone started calling that part of the site "eric the red." Hence the tradition. Gyearrrgh.
4 - Town cry heralding at 7am. I don't like to wake up that early on the weekends. :-)

3. Do you ever sew your own clothes?

I've made about half a dozen pieces. My sewing skills aren't that great, so I love to trade people things in exchange for clothes. I have a coif and an embroidered handkerchief I keep meaning to bring to an event to finish during downtime, but I always seem to forget my sewing stuff amongst the piles of moneying gear.

4. Have you met anybody on the Archive that you're now friends with outside of the archive?

Louis de Leon. We met on the archive, and he eventually joined my household. Great guy, I miss hanging out with him.
Archiver density out here seems pretty low, for some reason.

5. What's your favorite drink?

My absolute favorite is a glass of beer I made myself in one hand, with a dram of fine single malt scotch in the other, while sitting around a campfire with good friends at an event. It's especially lovely after a long day of striking coins. :-)

From: [identity profile] tejolote.livejournal.com

I sleep like the dead at SCA events during the night. No snoring, screams, chants, drums, laughter, or boistrous conversation give me a flicker. It's all comforting background noise. People. There are people here, and for right now I have a place and I will wake up and things will be mostly the same and I will help clean up and things will be good.

The waking part can be anxiety-producing because I start to fret that I *should* be up, doing something, anything at all rather than resting my bones. So I mostly agree about the waking.

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Yeah, noise in the distance doesn't bother me, but a party right next to my tent will keep me up and make me all grumpy-pants. :D


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